When WORLD Magazine commissioned us to reimagine their publication for the iPad, we chose to maintain the spirit, rather than the letter of the magazine. This allowed us to create a comprehensive set of templates for pages and interactive elements that are suited to the tablet medium. Featuring the same content as the print edition, plus digital extras like slideshows, videos, audio, and interactive maps, we created an immersive reading experience for the iPad.

The app was released to the public in early March 2011. The response was very positive, with over 3,000 downloads in the first two weeks. By the end of 2011, over 12,000 people had downloaded the app along with at least one issue.

Metagramme provided creative direction and design for the app until April 2012, after which the project was handed off to WORLD's in-house design team. Visit WORLD’s iTunes page to find out more.

Role: Creative Direction, Design, Illustration, Project Management

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