The St Louis Curator is an online magazine, dedicated to showcasing our beloved city and its citizens who are reaching for greatness.

This project is an ongoing collaborative effort between the three firms working in The Collective: Anastasis Films, Catena, and Metagramme. The Curator was the brainchild of John Pa, who is a partner at Anastasis and Catena. All of us love St. Louis, but we've found that our city has a self promotional complex. There are so many creators and entrepreneurs in this town whose work deserves better recognition. The Curator intends to provide that exposure and inspire others to join the fray.

Metagramme worked with this team to create the brand identity. We designed the website, and the talented developers at Catena built it. Anastasis films all the interviews, and a group of us pitch in to write and edit the stories.

Starting from a simple brief of “order from chaos,” we eschewed the stereotypical hayseed/stamped/letterpressed look often found in the Midwest. We kept it clean, structured and pared down, yet approachable. St Louis is growing and has the potential to become a world-class city. We wanted to reflect that potential. Our monogram design is a simple yet smart solution: a curator's eye for great content is what sets her apart. And while our content is hyper-local, we dream of growing into a national network that will serve to highlight the unsung cities across the US.

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