Letting Go

Poem of the month – June 2013

By Matt Steel


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Poem of the month – April 2013

By Matt Steel
For many of our clients, building internal consensus around a branding or design problem can be an arduous process

Creating consensus

A different approach to collaboration provides powerful results for our clients

By Matt Steel


Poem of the month – December 2012

By Matt Steel
I’m not the first designer to offer a bearish take on the print-centric way of creating digital editions. But I might be among the first designers from a print background who had stars in their eyes at first, and have since repented.

Tablet rasa

To create optimum iPad reading experiences, we need to take Apple’s advice from 1997 and think different(ly)

By Matt Steel

Practicing what we preach

Metagramme has undergone a total rebrand from stem to stern. Here’s why we changed, and how you can decide when the time is right for your company

By Matt Steel