Matt is drawn to content creators, curators, and entrepreneurs who love taking calculated risks. He enjoys solving business problems with creativity informed by research and collaboration. And as a lifelong bibliophile and poet, Matt has always been enamored by the richness of language and the power of images.

As Principal and Lead Designer at Metagramme, Matt brings a clear understanding of how strategy shapes communication and design systems. He works directly with Metagramme’s clients on all projects from start to finish. Matt has an intuitive ability to orchestrate graphic identities across all mediums, and his attention to detail is a hallmark of Metagrammes work. These skills poise our clients for growth and market equity, through coherent yet nuanced brand expressions. 

More about Matt
  • Founded Metagramme in 2009
  • Over 10 years experience working for a wide variety of clients
  • AIGA member
  • Came to St Louis in 2005 for work, and stayed for a woman. Married said woman and had two brilliant, hilarious sons with her
  • Grew up surfing on the East Coast. Still gets in the water when opportunities arise (once a surfer, always a surfer)
  • Distrusts gourds, except for grilled zucchini dressed in balsamic vinegar
  • Loves single malt scotch, Speysides in particular
  • Thinks Helvetica has seen its day in the sun
  • Wishes he lived in Middle Earth more often than he’d like to admit
  • Has a spice problem, but no desire to seek help. Sriracha goes on everything, right?


For Jason, careful research is a vital ingredient in great design. He believes the solution is always embedded in the question. Jason loves the process of seeing concepts come to fruition and perform in the real world. He enjoys learning new tools and techniques to expand the depth of a client’s vision.

As a designer and illustrator at Metagramme, Jason brings a thoughtful, empathetic approach to research and design development. Hes one of those rare designers who is equally adept at illustration and typography. His infectious curiosity keeps the studio steeped in the latest cultural happenings and artifacts. He works on projects ranging from brand identity to data visualization, print, and interactive design.

More about Jason
  • Height: 5 foot 16 inches
  • Resident of 7 cities, student of 11 schools, traveler of 28 states
  • Lives by two laws: “humility over pride” and “sweat everyday”
  • Never met a pizza he didn’t like
  • Learned HTML at age 11, been a nerd ever since
  • Likes canines, allergic to felines, sworn enemy of serpents